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Game-Changing Cathodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries

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Stratus Materials develops and produces novel, manganese-rich cathode active materials that are 100% cobalt-free.  Our team has identified unique and proprietary formulations and processing methods to achieve outstanding electrochemical performance, energy density, and safety at very low costs.  Stratus LXMO™ cathode active materials are designed to be superior to industry-standard high nickel NMC and LFP for  light- to medium-duty EV applications. 


Specific attributes of current LXMO material include:   
Specific Capacity:  > 225 mAh/g 
Specific Energy:  > 800 Wh/kg 
Projected Cycle Life (80% capacity retention):  > 1000 cycles 
Thermal Decomposition Temperature (@ full SoC):   250˚ C 
EV Pack Densities:  1.5 – 2x of high-nickel NMC or LFP due to LXMO’s unique combination of high energy density and high safety  

Drop In-Solution: Stratus’s LXMO cathode materials are designed to be compatible with the existing current Lithium-ion battery industry. First, Stratus produces its LXMO CAMS with most of the same pieces of equipment used for current NMC CAMs, which allows for rapid scale-up of LXMO production. Second, LXMO can be processed in the same manner as NMC CAMs in the slurry, electrode, and cell making processes, requiring no additional effort or costs to produce high-quality batteries. 

To develop and deliver our cutting-edge Cathode Actives, Stratus relies on a combination of:

Materials and Battery Science Expertise

Process Innovation and Optimization

Materials/Battery Testing and Advanced Data Analytics

Supply Chain and Quality Management

Volume Manufacturing Expertise

Strong Suite of Patents and Trade Secrets Tied to our technology