Game-Changing Cathodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Superior Products Enabled by Innovative Technologies

Stratus Materials develops and produces novel, manganese- rich cathode active materials that are 100% cobalt-free.  Our team has identified unique and proprietary formulations and methods to achieve outstanding electrochemical performance, energy density, and safety at very low costs.  Stratus LXMO™ cathode materials are specifically designed for light- to medium-duty electric vehicles and other applications with similar performance requirements.

Stratus LXMO™ Cathode Active Materials are designed to be superior to industry-standard NMC offerings on virtually every dimension.  Specific examples:

  • Specific Capacity: > 225 mAh/g
  • Specific Energy: > 800 Wh/kg
  • Thermal decomposition temperature (@ full SoC): > 250˚ C

To develop and deliver our cutting-edge Cathode Actives, Stratus relies on a combination of:

Materials and Battery Science Expertise

Process Innovation and Optimization

Materials/Battery Testing and Advanced Data Analytics

Supply Chain and Quality Management

Volume Manufacturing Expertise

Strong Suite of Patents and Trade Secrets Tied to our technology